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First deployed during the invasion of Normandy, the Cromwell found a natural home in the armoured reconnaissance regiments where its excellent speed and low profile made it difficult to hit.

It features an excellent array of stats making capable of achieving a variety of roles on the battlefield. Fine-tune it with the addition of upgrades, or leave stock for simplicity.


British infantry tanks were designed with good terrain crossing abilities, advancing into enemy positions, whilst being immune to enemy fire.

With high Survivability and the Heavy Tank rule (re-rolling a blank Defence dice) the Churchill VII is the perfect choice for pushing enemy tanks from objectives.


Used extensively in the battles of North Africa, the Valentine had a reputation for being a well-protected vehicle, capable of operating under heavy enemy fire.

As a Light Tank, it is fairly unique trading Mobility for Survivability. This works to the Valentine’s advantage as it can survive long enough to close with the enemy.

WOT65 U.K. Tank Platoon (Cromwell, Churchill VII, Valentine)

WOT65 U.K. Tank Platoon (Cromwell, Churchill VII, Valentine)

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