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It was at the height of Morathi's ascension to godhood that a drop of Slaanesh's own divine essence broke free from imprisonment and fled the cave between realms. Called the Newborn, this cursed hybrid was suffused with both the Dark Prince's power and the residual energy absorbed by Morathi herself, coalescing into twin beings that mirrored each other in body and soul.

Just as the temptations of Slaanesh wind their way into weak minds, the daemon known as Synessa weaves honeyed words to enrapture all who hear them and reduces their foes to ash in a magical barrage when coercion alone falls short.

As you might expect from a daemon dubbed the Voice of Slaanesh, Synessa's commanding presence can be felt across the entire battlefield, with fellow devotees of Slaanesh obeying their orders without a second thought. While still perfectly capable of bisecting foolish mortal warriors with their claws, Synessa prefers to let their magical might do the talking – which is even more worrying for unlucky foes that now have to stare down a reflection of Slaanesh's own godly arcane power.

The kit is comprised of 50 plastic components, with which you can assemble one Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh, and is supplied with a Citadel 105mm Oval Base. This model can alternatively be assembled as Dexcessa, the Talon of Slaanesh.

Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh

Synessa, the Voice of Slaanesh

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