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Gorbag is the leader of the Mordor Orcs stationed at Cirith Ungol. Unlike most Orcs, Gorbag is both wily and cunning, quite the opposite to the dim-witted warriors under his command. Upon discovering his possession of Frodo Baggins, Gorbag ends up embroiled in a murderous battle with Shagrat and his followers. Gorbag manages to successfully fend off his would-be killers with his unusual fighting style, although all of this would be in vain as he meets his end at the hands of Samwise the Brave, who thrusts Sting through his back.

Across his many years in the service of the Dark Lord, Shagrat has proven himself to be a fearsome warrior, having emerged victorious from countless battles through sheer brute force. Shagrat has led Sauron's forces at Osgiliath, Amon Barad, Cair Andros and numerous other fields, and at the time of the War of the Ring, Shagrat has been made the captain of Cirith Ungol, where he must share command of the garrison with Gorbag, a wily Orc captain.

Lead the host of Cirith Ungol with the two Captains charged with its defence, Gorbad and Shagrat. Gorbag wears crude Orc armour and wields a vicious sword. Both models of Shagrat wear armour and carry a sword, but one version also bears the fearsome Shield of Cirith Ungol.

The set contains three metal miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base.

Gorbag and Shagrat

Gorbag and Shagrat

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