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The T-34 tank was the cornerstone of Soviet armoured forces in World War II. Other tanks may have been lighter, better armed, or had a bigger gun, but there was only one T-34!

With high Mobility and Initiative, a cunning commander will have no problem hunting down slower enemies.


Developed as a replacement for earlier, slower, heavy tanks the KV-1S was fast enough to keep pace with supporting tanks on the battlefifields of the Eastern Front.

Heavy Tanks, like the KV-1S, can be unstoppable on the battlefield thanks to their ability to re-roll a blank Defence dice.


Nicknamed ‘cat-killers’ the SU-100 was a dedicated tank killer designed to hunt German Panther and Tiger tanks. Their 100mm guns were more than capable of dropping those fearsome beasts.

With an outstanding Firepower it is at its best when ambushing enemies where it cannot be easily outflanked.

WOT64 U.S.S.R. Tank Platoon

WOT64 U.S.S.R. Tank Platoon

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