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Backed by America's industrial might, the US infantryman was a formidable opponent. Learning well from early reverses, the US Army quickly became an almost unstoppable fighting machine, of which the backbone was the humble foot soldier, or G.I.

Taking the flight to the Germans, Italians and Japanese in all theatres of the war, the American GI helped turn the tide against the aggression of Nazi Germany and her allies.

This box gives you a platoon of tough, well-trained troops with enough firepower to successfully perform almost any task given to them. American troops were aggressive, resourceful and supremely well-equipped.

These miniatures are usable as almost all types of regular American line troops - from the US entry into WWII in the Mediterranean through to the war's end in Europe. They can, of course, be fielded as other nations - Uncle Sa, outfitted all manner of troops from his stores. These G.I.s could be painted as late war French (post D-Day) or even Brazilians fighting in Italy!


  • Plastic components to make 30 US Army infantrymen. Includes optional weapon configurations, command models as well as early and late version backpacks.
  • Weapons Included:
    • M1 Garand Rifle
    • Browning Automatic Rifle
    • Thompson and Grease Gun Sub-machine Guns
    • M1 Carbine
    • Bazooka
    • Colt .45 Pistol
    • Fragmentation Grenades
    • Bandoliers
    • Combat Shotgun
  • Round Plastic Bases (25mm Diameter)
  • Construction Leaflet
  • Full-colour Waterslide Decals

Please note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.

US Infantry

US Infantry

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