Pre Order Interest Form

If you're wanting the the latest limited stock pre order you've come to the right place!

Password protection rules: Fill out the form and tell us with what you want from the pre order and how many, if you don't we don't know what you want and may prioritize other customers that followed this rule. Passwords can be sent as late as the night before pre order date, please don't chase us for these passwords. Please respect our allocation limits we set, if you don't we may cancel your whole order. 

Important information: Getting a password does not promise you stock, however it does highly increase your chances of getting a limited release product. We will never promise you stock before a pre order has taken place.

This is now a first come first served system, if you leave it till the Friday night chances are you're not getting a password. The sooner you request a password the better. We also charge £1 more on each boxset sold on a password protection release, we charge this because of the labour that goes into protecting these limited releases. 

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